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Imitation is the best form of flattery.
Add another player to the autonomous game.
August 28, 2018 - After seventeen days of suspense, negative headlines, investor lawsuits, SEC investigations, and an “excruciating” personal toll, Tesla Inc. (“Tesla”) CEO Elon Musk announced on Friday, August 24th, that the company would stay public after all; abandoning Musk’s previous plan to ta
Manufacturers are spending more money than ever before on incentives according to a recent online article published by McKinsey & Company, a New York based global management consulting firm.
Check those VIN numbers!
Just when you thought you were helping the environment.
August 13, 2018 – At 9:48 AM on August 7th, via Twitter, Elon Musk stunned Wall Street by announcing his intention to take Tesla Inc. (“Tesla”), the world’s preeminent electric car manufacturer and already the most valuable automaker in the U.S., private at $420 a share.
Samsung is looking toward the future.
Uber puts self-driving trucks in reverse.
It’s time to (autonomously) roll along to that rollback sale.
The new family member even gets its own room.
GM is the leader of the pack.
Let’s call it the “Jetson’s School of Driving”.
Smile, you can now buy a Hyundai on Amazon.
In November, 2016, the FTC amended the Used Car Rule, and made significant changes to the Buyers Guide. The amended Rule required dealers to begin displaying the revised Buyers Guide beginning January 28, 2018.
Let’s have the “technical” pros handle this.
Now your groceries really can “magically” appear at your door.
It may take a bit longer to hail a “robo” taxi in Europe.
In order to win the race on the autonomous highway, German carmaker Audi AG has partnered with autonomous vehicle simulation platform provider Cognata Ltd to speed up the development of autonomous vehicles.
Ford heads all the way to Germany for a possible alliance.
You’ll need a plug for that. As Uber tries to build its reputation as a good citizen, it’s unveiling a new plan.
Why not join the club? Chinese online used-car platform Uxin Ltd. on Wednesday launched an initial public offering estimated to raise $437 million.