Anti-Aging Products Are Not Drugs

FDA partner Georgia Ravitz and counsel Naomi Halpern discussed the withdrawal of Import Alert 66-38 in an article for Happi Magazine titled, “Anti-Aging Products Are Not Drugs! Does the withdrawal of Import Alert 66-38 signal a change of heart at the US Food and Drug Administration?”

In their article, Georgia and Naomi explain that until recently, “FDA field personnel working with the US Customs Service (now US Customs and Border Protection) [were instructed] to deny entry to certain skin care and cosmetic products labeled with ‘exaggerated’ anti-aging claims.” This directive was removed in late 2017 and is widely viewed as a victory for the cosmetic industry. However, Georgia and Naomi noted that the withdrawal of Import Alert 66-38 does not necessarily signal a complete change in perspective by the FDA. To read the article in full, click here.


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